About Us

At the head of the company today are the two of us, Luca and Emilia, both with a past in television (journalist and editor), Roman and with three grown-up sons, Pietro, Giovanni and Francesco.

The family behind our company also includes Nicola, Luca's brother and a first aid doctor, and his three sons, Valerio, Livio and Daniele.

And Natalia, Luca and Nicola's mother, Rai manager and woman of great culture, vitality and refined sense of humour.

Before Us was Daniele (Natalia's husband and father of Luca and Nicola, who recently passed away) an artist and astrophysicist, the man without whom the tower would have changed hands and the one who projected the dream that we are all trying to renew.

And before that...

... Emilio Jesi and his wife Maria were coffee industrialists, collectors of modern art and design, and responsible for the restoration that took the Belforti Tower from its ruined status to that of a refined residence in 1969.
Everyone has or has had a role in cultivating this tower as a temple of beauty and poetry, but also as a place of memory for our wide and varied family.
Attention to people is the core value of our idea of hospitality. For us, a holiday is not just about having fun, but a precious opportunity to rediscover oneself, to rediscover the meaning of things through a relationship with others and with nature, with the beauty of places, things and landscapes, and with the knowledge of the thousands of stories surrounding this ancient monument that has always been devoted to modernity and creativity.

We believe in beauty as the litmus test of a job well done and as a picklock to unlock the swamp of routine, which sometimes does not allow us to appreciate the wonder of creation. 'Elegance,' said our great-uncle Emilio Jesi, 'is one step below perfection'.

We believe in kindness as the universal glue and antidote to vulgarity.
We believe in play and culture as sharp weapons against the forces of chaos.
We believe in the family as the realm of Freedom.
But we know that this work does not live by schemes and protocols, each guest is a whole world and understanding and welcoming them properly is our challenge, which is renewed each time.